I am a portrait photographer that loves to photograph dogs.

Hi, I am Michelle Lazur, a portrait photographer that loves to photograph dogs. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, most of the time. Yes, way up there in the Great White North. I love it there and love the climate and yep, all of that beautiful snow.

I was born and raised in Ligonier, Pennsylvania and spent the first 46 years of my life there. It is were all of my family lives, so I spend a lot of time there. I travel between a lot more lately because now I have two grand babies.

I am a Fine Art Portrait photographer and I also own a dog kennel. So, it would seem natural to combine these. I love photography, grew up with a camera in my hand, was the Photography Editor of our yearbook, spent most of my high school years photographing class mates or developing film in the dark room and then, doing the layout and design. I also love dogs, own LOTS of them, and I love to travel and explore.

I do custom, commissioned sessions of pets anywhere in the world. See the page with information on that and head over & check out my studio site, Michelle Lazur Studios. I’ve now opened a studio in Ligonier, PA.

Wags and Woofs,