Roman, the Elkhound taken by The Dogfotog in Ligonier, PA
Roman, the Elkhound

If you follow my other Instagram channel, @michellelazur, then you may have seen lots of shots of Roman, this year. Roman is my son’s dog and since I’ve been stranded in PA, and he and my son live in my house here, I get to take photos of him any time I want!

Roman, the Elkhound, keeping a watchful eye over his domain until his human returns
Roman, keeping a watchful eye on his domain.

Roman is a very loyal, sweet dog. In the photo, his human just left for work, after being away at school most of the day. So, Rome darling was sad that he only had about an hour with his human dad. It’s okay, buddy, you’ll get to sleep with him tonight!

It’s so hard when you want to spend all your time with your furbabies, but things like school and making a living take us away from them more than we want or like.

Hug your fur baby today.

Wags and Woofs,


The Dogfotog

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