I had the pleasure of getting to spend a few minutes with wonderful, Parker, along the walking trail in Ligonier PA, this morning.

Parker is a Basenji-mix and is 12 years old! I would have never guessed his age. Never in a million years. Parker has lots of pep and is alert and agile.

Parker, the lovely, sweet Basenji
Parker, the lovely, sweet Basenji


I have never met a Basenji before! It turns out a Basenji is one of very few breeds of dog that do not bark! Except, his walker told me, Parker does bark because of the mix in him. He said Parker’s face used to be all-orange, but has whitened as he’s aged. The Basenji is a hunting hound originating in central Africa. Characteristics of the breed are: playful, intelligent, affectionate, alert, curious, and energetic. Sounds just like Parker!


It was lovely to meet you, Sir Parker.


Parker, the Basenji, wants another treat
Parker just wants another treat. 🙂


I hope to see you again, soon.

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