At the end of my walk this morning, I was thrilled to happen on this little fellow! Wally, the 9-week-old Golden Doodle puppy! I hope I got that correct. I really must stop skipping writing the details down. I do recall his lovely new owner said that Wally was out for his first walk on the leash. He seemed to be doing pretty well for his first time. I wanted to scoop him up and hug and love him all day long. I wanted to ask his new mum if I could have him, please????




Wally, Golden Doodle Puppy
Wally, Golden Doodle Puppy


Puppies can be very difficult to photograph. I should know Wally was very excited to explore and wanted nothing much to do with me (except for the yummy duck treat), but I didn’t have my squeaker out for help with attention. I was so enthralled with the little gorgeous curly love bug, that all my senses left me. 🙂

Wally, doodle puppy love bug
Wally, doodle puppy love bug!


I mean, come on, will you look at that gorgeous cutie-pie-ness!

Thanks, Wally, and your new Mum. I hope you bring joy to your new family for a very long time.


One more of cutie-pie, Wally-Doodle-Bug
One more of cutie-pie, Wally-Doodle-Bug

I hope I get to see you again, soon!

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