Listed are what I feel are the best dog foods.

I believe with every ounce of me that you should feed the very best you possibly can. What you put into your dog starting as a puppy will absolutely, without a doubt, make the difference in his health for the rest of his life—which, I also feel will be extended by several years—and be disease-free. Spending a little extra in the quality of food you feed your dog will save you thousands in vet bills later and extend your dog’s life and enhance the quality.

In order of best choices to worst:

  • A complete, balanced home-prepared Raw diet.
  • Commercially prepared frozen complete Raw diet
  • Commercially prepared dehydrated/freeze-dried complete diet
  • Human-grade canned & kibble
  • Super-premium kibble

I believe all foods should be:

  • Organic if possible
  • Free-range (pastured) meat
  • Human-grade
  • Sourced within the U.S. or Canada, or New Zealand
  • No food you feed your dog should include corn, wheat, soy, or oats.
  • No food should list unnamed meat sources (e.g., “meat meal”, “meat by-products”). The first 6 ingredients listed on the dog food are the most important.

Switch food brands/manufactures and protein sources often. This is the best way to be certain your dog is receiving a well-balanced diet.

I now feel quality of ingredients and the freshest possible ingredients is most important and a bag of processed dry dog food is not it any of these things.

Commercial Raw and/or Dehydrated Dog Foods (First choice for your dog or puppy):

Dry Kibble:

Human-grade Canned Dog Foods

Human-grade canned dog foods can be an excellent addition, so if you have more money than time, human-grade canned foods are an excellent addition.


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