Yoda, German Shepherd

Yoda, German Shepherd

[caption id="attachment_6789" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Yoda, German Shepherd[/caption]   Meet Yoda, a 3-year old German Shepherd. She is a lovely, beautiful gal. She really wasn't interested in my air-dried duck treats. Some dogs aren't at first, but usually after one, they are hooked. Thank you, Yoda, it was lovely to meet...

Roman, the Elkhound

[caption id="attachment_6782" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Roman, the Elkhound[/caption] If you follow my other Instagram channel, @michellelazur, then you may have seen lots of shots of Roman, this year. Roman is my son's dog and since I've been stranded in PA, and he and my son live in my house here, I...


Gretta, Longhaired Shepherd

Gretta is the sweetest girl and loved, loved, loved the duck treats. Gretta is a 10-year-old Longhaired German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix. She loves her daily walks on the trail and doesn't let her owner skip one too often. I really enjoyed getting to meet Gretta and her human and getting...

Wally, doodle puppy love bug

Wally, Golden Doodle Puppy

At the end of my walk this morning, I was thrilled to happen on this little fellow! Wally, the 9-week-old Golden Doodle puppy! I hope I got that correct. I really must stop skipping writing the details down. I do recall his lovely new owner said that Wally was out...

Parker, the lovely, sweet Basenji

Parker, Basenji-Mix

I had the pleasure of getting to spend a few minutes with wonderful, Parker, along the walking trail in Ligonier PA, this morning. (more…)

English Bulldog Photography

Jethro, English Bulldog

Today my adventures found me in Latrobe, PA. Busy, insane day, so I only had about 30 minutes of daylight left so headed to Legion Keener Park for my walk. I met this lovely fellow, Jethro, a 6 1/2 year old English Bulldog. (more…)

Max, the Yorkie by the Dog Fotog

Max, The Yorkie

One of the few pups I got to capture during Fort Ligonier Days. I am not exactly certain that Max is a Yorkie, but I assume so. There was so much going on that I forgot to ask. [caption id="attachment_6629" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Max, the Yorkie[/caption]   What a little cutie...